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GRADY GETS GLASSES is for children 2-8 years old, with or without glasses, who like rhymes, fun illustrations, and bunnies. Grady is a rabbit – with glasses – who thinks that wearing glasses makes a person (or a rabbit) extra-special.. Written in verse with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Lauren Givens Wood, Grady explains both near and farsighted, as well as the importance of the care of and wearing of glasses! All kids love the rabbit and the rhymes; Grady helps all kids to understand glasses in simple terms.

Dede has trademarked Grady with glasses and the plush Grady bunny (for ages 5 and up) is now available for purchase. Dede is also working to have the Grady T-shirt and argyle vest, the red nightshirt and blue nightcap, and other “Grady” items on the market in the near future.

Grady is going to have many more adventures with his glasses! Stay tuned – the next book will explain WHY Grady got glasses – in GRADY GETS GLASSES – THE PREQUEL. The third book will include Grady and his glasses-wearing friends- a dog, a cat, and a bear- playing mini-golf!

Buyers have a choice of ordering just the author-signed book; the Book/coloring book/ poster/sticker package; or the deluxe Grady Gets Glasses Gift package- which includes the author-signed book, coloring book, 11X17 poster, 10 2×2” Grady stickers, the bookmark, and the plush flexible plush toy Grady (for ages 5 and up). Please hover your mouse over the PURCHASE button at the top of the page to see these options.

Thanks for visiting us! Be sure to check out our fun photo page- including Dede and Grady with Jason Day, the #1 golfer in the world, and Pittsburgh Penguin Nick Bonino. Their kids LOVE Grady!

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